About Us

Our History

In the beginning of HIV’s effect on our community, individuals coming together to help each other and those in need was the only way to begin a response to the questions, pain and fear that we faced at the time.

Such a response was the beginning of Alianza in Southeastern New Mexico in the year 1993. The agency initially offered itself as a support group for those living with HIV, addressing needs of clients in ways that other resources failed to.

Alianza expanded over time to offer comprehensive prevention services, including HIV testing. Our current approach to prevention builds on testing and extends to include innovative, small-group interventions for those who are both positive and negative for HIV, to suggest how individuals may keep them and their partners safe.

For those living with HIV, Alianza built itself up to offer programs including case management, health insurance navigation and other support-services.

In 1996, Alianza began an outreach program to highlight the need for a syringe exchange program for those who use injection drugs. The outreach program brought almost 400 people who use injection drugs and their partners from all over the southeastern region. This great number of people made the data that showed it was clear that needle sharing was common in the area.

Now, Alianza offers syringe exchange, referrals to treatment services, education in beginning Medication Assisted Treatment for providers in Roswell, overdose prevention education and naloxone (Narcan) access and usage.

In 2012, Alianza celebrated an expansion by opening a second location to provide our services in Las Cruces, New Mexico!

Who We Are


Ryan Nix — Ryan.nix@alianzanm.org

While he is new to New Mexico, he has an extensive background in HIV services and prevention. Ryan directly implemented several prevention and outreach programs including: CRCS, venue based testing/outreach programs, care coordination, Ryan White Support Service Programs and multiple DEBI interventions. Ryan was selected as a scholar to the prestigious CDC Institute for Prevention Leadership in Atlanta and has been trained in numerous outreach and prevention curricula. He has managed direct federal grants, federal pass through and state funded grant projects for several non-profits. He has co-authored numerous academic papers and has worked in the field of HIV Services since 2001.


JT Perez — jt.perez@alianzanm.org

JT Perez has been working with Alianza of New Mexico since September 2017, and has been involved in this field through organizations that he had volunteered for since 2013. He’s been trained to test, handle exchanges and facilitate group workshops. In his spare time, he likes to work with other organizations that enable him to facilitate more workshops, get involved with social justice groups and their activities or just relax with his dog at home. Currently, he works at Alianza’s Las Cruces location, where he believes Alianza can grow and have a bigger impact.


Lindsay Mahan — lindsay.Mahan@alianzanm.org

Lindsay is currently working as a Medical Case Manager and has been with Alianza of New Mexico since 2016. She received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Eastern New Mexico University in 2016. She holds certifications in CPR/First Aid, Harm Reduction, HIV/HCV testing and counseling, and has completed intensive training courses concentrated in medical case management specific to People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWH).

Serving people is her passion, and Alianza provides a tremendous opportunity to do just that. Lindsay is a member of the services team which provides clinical and social support to people living with HIV.

Non-Medical Case Manager

Teryn Lem — teryn.lem@alianzanm.org

Teryn has been working with Alianza since September of 2014. She started working in the Roswell office where she started out as a bookkeeper. After two years of bookkeeping she realized that she wanted to do more and applied for the Prevention Educator position in Las Cruces. Her move to Las Cruces happened October 2016 and says that was one of the best things that could happen for her. She is a co-chair for the Southwest regional group (SWAG), and is certified in rapid HIV/HCV testing and counseling, Harm Reduction, Train the Trainer, 3MV, and Mpowerment.

Non-Medical Case Manager

Jason Briggs — jason.briggs@alianzanm.org

Jason worked with the Department of Health for the state of New Mexico as recently as 2017, and has recently accepted a position with Alianza. He has been a certified trainer for the state in Harm Reduction as well as HIV/Hepatitis C Counseling and Testing. Additionally, Jason is certified by the CDC in Partner Services, and has a graduate certificate in Public Health. Complementing his time in Public Health, Jason has an extensive background in development work having served in various positions for: the Peace Corps in Peru, Upward Bound on the reservations in South Dakota, Job Corps in South Dakota and New Mexico, and the National Park Service in Puerto Rico. While in these positions Jason has been involved in all levels of program development and implementation, and has had the privelege of working with, and for, some truly amazing people. He looks forward to the opportunity with Alianza to continue his work to positively impact the lives of others.


Kendall Wolfe — kendall.wolfe@alianzanm.org

Kendall joins Alianza from another HIV services organization in Indiana. Prior to working in the field of HIV/AIDS, Kendall worked and interned in a number of capacities, including: child welfare, foster care and adoption, adult ID/DD, poverty alleviation, minority public health, and macro-level program development. Kendall is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW), and he obtained his Master of Social Work (MSW) from Indiana University, with a focus on Mental Health and Addictions. Additionally, Kendall holds a Certificate in Case Management and a Certificate in Cultural Diversity & Inclusion. Originally from Indianapolis, Kendall now lives in Roswell with his longtime partner and their cat. Kendall’s favorite things include: coffee, X-Files marathons, and mountains. Not specifically in that order.


Taylor Eck — taylor.eck@alianzanm.org

Taylor has extensive experience in providing testing and counseling for HIV, HCV, and STDs. Additionally, Taylor has experience providing education to patients and community members regarding safe-handling techniques for substance use equipment and substance use harm reduction. Taylor provided street-level support and services to sex workers, LGBTQ populations, and to inmates at jails while working at the largest county health department in Indiana. Taylor was involved in providing support to parents involved in Child Services cases at the county’s Family Recovery Court, and successfully implemented social media outreach through online hookup apps. Volunteering time to Team Friendly: Indiana, Taylor provided de-stigmatizing education efforts whenever possible at community, national and international events. Taylor lives in Roswell with his partner and loves being a part of New Mexico.